About the Wiener Werkstaette for Suicide Research and our goals

Since its foundation, the Wiener Werkstaette for Suicide Research has been an international, interuniversity as well as interdisciplinary, consortium of researchers devoted to fostering research collaboration and progress in suicidology. We intend to facilitate networking between research and practice, as well as research-based cooperation with universities, and the mentoring of young scientists. To intensify our network, we cooperate with colleagues, both nationally and internationally, in order to promote suicide research and to implement research findings in national prevention programs. As a member of the Austrian Society for Suicide Prevention and the German Society for Suicide Prevention, the Wiener Werkstaette for Suicide Research acts as a dynamic research group located in the German-speaking part of CentralEurope.

Our main research projects are:

Further main fields of activity and research include:

  • suicide epidemiology
  • genetics of suicide
  • hermeneutic approaches in suicide research
  • public health topics and basic psychological research relating to suicide research
  • medicine with a special focus on mental disorders
  • suicidality in children, adolescents, and the elderly
  • gun control laws
  • suicide and the media
  • and quantitative research methodology (e.g., meta-analyses and systematic reviews)

We also provide trainings relevant for suicide prevention (for example: gate-keeper trainings).

History of the Wiener Werkstaette for Suicide Research

The founding initiative for the Wiener Werkstaette for Suicide Research gained momentum during the First International Symposium on Media and Suicide in 2007 in Vienna and included the following founding members: Thomas Niederkrotenthaler, Nestor Kapusta, Gernot Sonneck, Martin Voracek, Benedikt Till, Elmar Etzersdorfer and Arno Herberth. Our name was inspired by Elmar Etzersdorfer, and our official logo was designed by our Deputy Chair Nestor Kapusta. Since 2010, the Wiener Werkstaette for Suicide Research is officially listed as a registered association. The Wiener Werkstaette for Suicide Research has grown steadily through an early-adopted focus on supporting this website and mentoring young scientists interested in suicidology research topics. Colleagues from different professions have been invited and have joined the Wiener Werkstaette for Suicide Research as well. During the past few years, a significant amount of recognition has been received by the group. Among other recognitions, the Wiener Werkstaette for Suicide Research was awarded the Erwin Ringel Prize in 2010 and was the recipient of the Hans Rost Prize in 2012, both for scientific achievement in the field of suicidology. Already the 75th monthly working meeting of the group was held in spring 2015, and the group is now looking forward to its 100th working meeting in the near future.