Österreichischer Suizid­präventionsplan

SUPRA is a multilevel national suicide prevention programme with the main objectives to ensure support for risk groups, to restrict access to means of suicide, to raise awareness and develop media support for suicide prevention, to integrate suicide prevention programmes into other health promotion activities, and to support research on suicide in Austria.

In 2012, the Austrian suicide prevention program SUPRA was published and the Austrian Ministry of Health established a coordination centre at the GÖG (Austrian Public Health institute) to support the process of implementation. Goals and measures that were already ongoing (e.g., the implementation of media guidelines) or easy to achieve were conducted immediately (i.e. annual national suicide reports and conferences, webpages, several regional initiatives and projects). Meanwhile, a structured concept for implementation, with 6 strategic, 18 operative goals and 70 measures (including target sizes, indicators and responsibilities), was developed with a panel of leading national experts.

Finally, a suicide prevention starting package was developed with prioritisation of measures on regional and national levels. The multilevel approach and the measures associated with SUPRA are based on scientific evidence. The annual reports on suicide rates will be supplemented by programme updates and monitoring.

Results/Effects: Awareness for mental health and suicide prevention have increased among policy makers in the last years. Several federal states have drawn on the SUPRA implementation concept for their own local suicide prevention programmes and a variety of national and regional suicide prevention projects are currently being funded. The major focuses correspond to the starting package.


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