Brigitte Naderer
Dr. Brigitte Naderer, MA

Brigitte is a post-doc at the Public Mental Health Research Unit, Center for Public Health, Medical University of Vienna. She has a doctoral degree in communication science and works in the field of media effects, media literacy, media psychology, and health communication.

Selected Publications

Naderer B, Wendt R, Bachl M, Rieger D. (2023). Understanding the role of participatory-moral abilities, motivation, and behavior in European adolescents’ responses to online hate. New Media & Society, 14614448231203617. 10.1177/14614448231203617.
Naderer B, Rieger D, Schulze H, Rothut S. (2023). Increasing knowledge about cognitive biases: an evaluation study of a radicalization prevention campaign targeted at European adolescents and young adults. Journal of Children and Media, 17(4), 426-442. 10.1080/17482798.2023.2230311.
Naderer B, Peter C, Karsay K. (2022). This picture does not portray reality: developing and testing a disclaimer for digitally enhanced pictures on social media appropriate for Austrian tweens and teens. Journal of Children and Media, 16(2), 149–167. 10.1080/17482798.2021.1938619 .
Naderer B, Binder A, Matthes J, Spielvogel I, Forrai M. (2020). Food as an eye-catcher. An eye-tracking study on children's attention to healthy and unhealthy food presentations as well as non-edible objects in audiovisual media. Pediatric Obesity, e12591. 10.1111/ijpo.12591 .
Naderer B, Matthes J, Spielvogel I. (2019). How brands appear in children's movies. A systematic content analysis of the past 25 years. International Journal of Advertising, 38(2), 237-257. 10.1080/02650487.2017.1410000 .

Wiener Werkstætte Publications

Arendt F, Till B, Voracek M, Kirchner S, Sonneck G, Naderer B, Pürcher P, Niederkrotenthaler T. (2023). ChatGPT, artificial intelligence, and suicide prevention: A call for a targeted and concerted research effort. Crisis 44(5):367-370. 10.1027/0227-5910/a000915.